Here’s How To Fix Every Type Of Hair Dye Disaster…




Picture Of The Hair

If you hate your patchy hair dye, what do you do? Well, let me explain.

You are very lucky you have made it this far in life and that too, without any major disasters with hair dye. Many of us have seen many a hair color fail and we scream, cry or abuse, and yet, most of us go to the internet for help.

So now, let’s concentrate on how to address the stylist in the salon on what to do.

  • The Blonde Looks Yellow:

  • In case you have natural blonde hair, it would become yellow and Barbie like, if you use the wrong products.

    Long-term solution: solution

    Make sure you instruct your stylist to give you a cool toned blonde color. You have to be specific, and I mean very specific.

    Your shades should be ashy or in cool colors, and avoid all the rest.

  • Your Hair Has Turned Orange:

  • This kind of brassiness can happen to all of us. Orange tones are stubborn and difficult to deal with.

    Long-term solution: solutions

    Again, you got to tell your stylist what you want. You have to make it very clear what you want. They have to know if you prefer an ashier shade.

  • The Blonde Is Too Ashy:

  • You wanted an ashy blond. Oopps! it’s gone too ashy.

    Long-term solution: solutio

    See if you can ask your stylist for golds or peach or copper colors. These are all warmer tones. A good colorist can do it.

  • The Roots Are A Different Color From The Ends:

  • This is due to the hair dye not having done its job completely.

    Long-term solution: soluti

    A good colorist can only do the job. No one else.

  • One Dimensional Hair Color:

  • What happens if you take a box dye and go home. The issue is that the color of your hair is super flat and ugly.

    Long-term solution: solut

    You got to tell your stylist to do a subtle balayage or strobing, adding lighter tones with a free hand technique, to give your hair that look that’s multi–tonal.

  • Super-Stripy Highlights:

  • You wanted something, you got something else! A few subtle baby lights, instead, you got super-stripy, chunky highlights.

    Long-term solution: solu

    Hey! balayage look would be better than the stripy look.

  • Dip-Dye Gone Wrong:

  • When what you wanted went wrong i.e. instead of a gradual ombre you got a tell-tale line of color.

    Long-term solution: sol

    Here, one’s stylist needs to work how to blend out and diffuse the lines of color.

  • The Hair Color Is Patchy:

  • Here, you got patch work or spots of color, instead of the whole hair.

    Long-term solution:

    Hey! if you personally do not give the exact picture to your stylist, then it’s not going to help you.