Break Your Fast This Morning

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, why is it that nearly a quarter of us rush out of the door with no breakfast at all. Many people are short of time in the morning and know they can catch up with a coffee and snack when they get to work.


Breakfast breaks the night’s fast and as your body has probably no food for 12hours, that is just what it needs. Not having had food for a long period, your blood sugar levels are low. If you attempt to get through a busy morning without replenishing them, you may suffer from symptoms such as headaches, weakness, and reduced brainpower. If you miss breakfast, around mid to late morning, your body starts to need glucose fast. If your body is saying, ‘give me food’, it is a very difficult message to ignore; and there is a great temptation to pounce upon anything that is around, a bar of chocolate or donut, for example.

Breakfast is an ideal time to give your body good, healthy nutrients and boost your vitamin C intake. Try to make it your first goal of the day to give your body a healthy start. It is a good idea to start the day with complex carbohydrates that slowly release energy throughout the morning. A bowl of porridge is an excellent cereal because the naturally occurring oat bran is not removed during processing. The gummy fibers lower blood cholesterol levels and the oats are rich in vitamins and minerals. A great source of energy to start your day.


Shredded wheat is a good source of fiber that prevents constipation and lowers the risk of heart disease. Cereals are good for you and can keep hunger at bay for most of the morning. When you buy cereals, check the sugar content! Low fat yoghurt or skimmed milk with cereal can provide sufficient calcium.

Breakfast should include a mix of carbohydrates, for example, whole meal toast or cereal, and sugar in the form of fresh fruit juice. A little fat should be included as it helps to keep hunger at bay and regulates blood sugar levels. So a little butter, which contains vitamin E, is the answer. It is probably better to have a banana or honey or toast which is quickly digested, rather than sugary jam. Tea and coffee in moderate amounts are good antioxidants, as well as stimulants. In addition, the good news is that they are virtually calorie free, provided you do not load them with sugar!

There is an old saying? "eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a Lord and supper like a poor man.” Enjoy your breakfast!

Rhea Pereira
By Rhea Pereira
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