The Diet That Reverses Most Chronic Illnesses



The Diet That Reverses Most Chronic Illnesses
Why is a healthy diet gaining such importance in the world today?

Simply because 70% of the reasons for Chronic Illnesses such as high BP, cholesterol, fatty liver, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, acidity, constipation, hormonal imbalance, infertility, arthritis, back & neck problems, sinusitis, cough & cold, cataract, glaucoma, migraines, insomnia, kidney failure, ulcers, tumors, fibroids, thyroid, skin allergies, digestive disorders, and even cancer come from eating the wrong foods. The causes of the balance 30% of Chronic Illnesses can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle, genes, stress, traumas & addictions, unhealthy habits and finally, the environment. This is an average amongst people in different demographics across the world. Of course, there will be some people who may have this balance at 50-50 or even a few cases where stress, dis-empowering beliefs and relationship traumas may contribute to 80% of their high BP or conditions of insomnia.

Now how would you know that the above is true?

Simply by watching people who are making the right choices in food and seeing how all their illnesses disappear just by doing that and nothing more. So, where does one get their basics about food right? One of the leading agencies in the world who defines what is food for human beings is the USFDA (USA Foods and Drugs Administration) authority that has been changing their recommendations repeatedly on human food over the last few decades. Every time they make a change, it only means that their earlier recommendations were wrong. Can you really trust someone who makes mistake after mistake? Even their current recommendation on the food pyramid is keeping people sick.

The above guidance on the left was given by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Yet, doctors and patients are trying to cure all the chronic illnesses by popping pills, without even realizing that the pills are not really curing their illnesses. They fail to understand that they are living on a life support system in the form of tablets that often have side effects and also cause slow damage to organs like the liver, lungs, and kidneys. They live with sick organs and damaged DNA and pass on these genes to their newborn children, and that’s the main reason why our children are getting sicker at younger ages and why adolescents nowadays are getting some of the above chronic illnesses.

My research shows that most of our children will be born with major birth defects in another 10 years and even before that, couples will be having such damaged reproductive systems that they won’t even be able to conceive children. I already see many couples nowadays who are not able to conceive even with IVF treatments. My warning through my book a decade ago ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ is, unfortunately, coming true.

So how does one figure out what is healthy food for human beings?

There are so many theories about the human diet nowadays. I call them theories because they are just not facts. They are not living principles food, ask yourself the following questions of sentient (5 senses) mammalian vertebrates, which is what human beings are.

  • Which other sentient mammalian vertebrate drinks milk after the age of 3 years?
  • Which other sentient mammalian vertebrate fries their food?
  • Which another sentient mammalian vertebrate adds sea salt to their food?
  • Which another sentient mammalian vertebrate eats grains like rice & wheat throughout the year?
  • Which another sentient mammalian vertebrate adds sugar to their food?

And have you realized that none of the other sentient mammalian vertebrates besides human beings has any of the chronic illnesses mentioned above? So, are we doing the right things in food or are they doing it right and remaining healthy because of it? It has come to a point where we have to learn from them about food because we are too confused in the head about what our food is. Realize this – eating food is not a matter of the mind, for it to be decided by thoughts and ideas, but instead, an experience of our 5 God-given senses. Please click the picture below and watch my TEDx talk on the most revealing timeless truth about what is food for human beings.

That video would have clearly proved to you what is not our food and also a clear idea of what our food really is. So how much of the right food we need to eat on a daily basis may still be a question unanswered in your mind. If you read the chapters on the diet in my book below, you will get those answers too. For a start, stop having the foods that I indicated other sentient mammalian vertebrates don’t have or at least cut their consumption by half. You will see your health improve a lot in the next couple of months. There are many people in the world who talk about a 100% raw diet being healthy for all of us, but that is not true at all. Thousands of people across the world now are following that advice and falling sick within 3-4 months. How much raw and how much cooked food a particular person can have is explained on pages 109 & 110 of my book. Please click on its image below to access it. It is the deeper aspect of the science of human food that raw foodists have not yet understood.

If you’re in Goa, India ,  and want all the right answers on food, do come to my workshop below to understand what could be the best food choices for you to heal all your current health problems in the fastest possible way by yourself.

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