Cyber Safety: Safety is Simple as ABC – Always Be Careful….



Cyber Safety: Safety is Simple as ABC

This is the new age threat to our kids. Its important to note that it’s a focal area of our kids life as the internet is the key area which cannot be avoided.

Protecting Your Child From Internet Safety Risks:

Internet safety risks for school-age children

There are three main kinds of internet risks for children.

Content risks

Contact risks

Conduct risks

Cyber Safety

  • Limit screen time – prevent addiction
  • Use parental control option in security system/software to block the site, if forbidden
  • Don’t allow enrollment on social media and maintain strict control on the sharing of personal info with strangers.
Cyber Safety: Safety is Simple as ABC

Balance is key: It’s good to realise that a balance is required. Although technology is important one has to note that engaging the kids in hobbies and playgroups is equally important.