Our Mom’s Then And We Now





Our Mom’s

I consider myself a food purist. When I eat an apple, I want it to be crunchy and sweet, and when I eat pizza, I want it with a thick crust, greasy and the sauce has to have a sweet flavor to it.

Considering myself to be such a difficult child and yet my mother having a divine attitude, to put it, in tireless pursuit of satisfying my taste buds, was and still is an applauding effort.

It is not an easy task keeping another human being alive and thriving and that to, every day. It requires hardcore dedication and motivation. And it’s definitely fading over the generations to come.

Things are absolutely different in our age and day than in my mom’s age and day. I am sure most children would say the same thing.  With more work pressure and additional hours of dedication, we sometimes ignore our responsibilities.

But I truly agree that she pulled the life cart much more efficiently than what we are doing today. She had the enduring energy to go on from morning till night, managing her job, household chores, grocery shopping and dealing with kids.

Her voice was the first thing, which I used to listen to and now, after getting married when I visit my maternal place, it is still the first voice.

I wonder what was the force that got them going. It was spell bounding to see how she gets up in the morning and drives the day with the same energy, with no Sunday off. I tried following it.

I lean on her shoulders for practical life lessons. I wish a percent of that ‘never give up attitude’ would ever come in our generation.

Our Mom’s

For sure there are a lot of people whom you admire, but there is only one person you look up to and that is your mother. The superhero of her times and going strong till now.

Mothers have the strongest impact in our lives and we definitely cannot compare them to our generation today.

I miss you maa, thank you for your love and care, which I never appreciated when I was with you in your house. Now, I love you the most.