Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake





When it comes to chocolates …who would not like having it!…..Chocolates are something that many people love eating.

Although too much chocolate is said to be bad for health because it is food that lacks nutrients but is high in calories made up of fat and sugar..., there are a few benefits received from the chocolate cake. It is good for our heart and circulation of blood. Consumption of chocolate lowers the risk of strokes. It contains minerals like selenium, potassium and zinc that are good for our health.

Let’s Talk About A Chocolate Cake!

The chocolate cake is made with chocolate. It can also include other ingredients such as cocoa, refined flour, sugar and many more. It also includes fudge, vanilla crème, and other sweeteners.

The history of chocolate cake goes back to 1764, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones. A process for making silkier and smoother chocolate called conching was developed in 1879 by Rodolphe Lindt and made it easier to bake with chocolate, as it amalgamates smoothly and completely with cake batters. In 1886, American cooks began adding chocolate to the cake batter, to make the first chocolate cakes in the US.

Popular Variants In Chocolate Cake Include:

  • "Traditional" Chocolate cake.
  • Chocolate layer cake – A cake made from stacked layers of cake held together by filling.
  • Black Forest gateau – A chocolate sponge cake with a cherry filling.
  • Chocolate soufflé cake – A baked egg-based dish using beaten egg whites to give an aerated texture.
  • Devil's food cake – A moist, airy, rich chocolate layer cake.
  • Ding Dong – A small chocolate cake similar in shape and size of a hockey puck.
  • Flourless chocolate cake – A dense cake made from an aerated chocolate custard.
  • Fudge cake – chocolate cake containing fudge.
  • Garash cake – A Bulgarian chocolate and walnut cake of 5 thin layers with chocolate frosting.
  • German chocolate cake – A layer cake with chocolate, and a coconut-pecan frosting.
  • Joffre cake – A chocolate buttermilk layer cake filled with chocolate ganache and frosted with chocolate buttercream.
Black Forest Basic Chocolate Cake Recipe
  • Molten chocolate cake – A dessert that combines the elements of a flourless chocolate cake with pâine soufflé.
  • Red velvet cake – Reddish colored chocolate cake with cream cheese icing.
  • Sachertorte – A chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher.
  • Chocolate Swiss roll - A sponge cake roll filled with jam, cream or icing.