Say Cheese!





According to British author T.A Layton (1957), cheese was invented by accident. There was a merchant from Arabia, so the story goes, back in the midst of history, who put his days’ supply of milk in a pouch made of a sheep’s stomach. He hoisted himself upon his camel and clip-clopped over the dessert. The beasts ambling movement, the residual remnant of the sheep –stomach pouch, and the hot sun did the rest. That evening, the first drink of whey quenched the nomads thirst – and the curd satisfied his hunger. Cheese was born.

Cheese was mankind’s first and best fast food –and has come, over time, to be called the Food for Gods. For the purpose of soup, we only need to look at hard cheese-for it alone is excellent for cooking. However, there is more to life than cheese in soup. How about cheese on the side with crusty bread?


There is almost no end to the delicious dishes you can create with cheese. It goes so well with so many other things…

Thank goodness for cheese! It’s a perfect partner for all sorts of foods - breads, nuts, pickles, tomatoes, biscuits, beer, onion, apples, to name but a few. To prove how versatile it is, here are some delicious recipes which make use of cheese and its different partners in some unusual and irresistible ways.

Alternatively, cheese as a dessert after a full meal of soup and other things!

Paneer Cheese

Hard Cheese

Distinguished by it’s retaining 30 per cent moisture, by being made from raw milk, and by being all bacteria ripened, it’s taste and texture is dramatically shaped by the amount of time it is aged.

Hard Cheese Hard Cheese


Generally, poor for cooking purposes, this type of superb cheese retains about 45 percent moisture and are ripened and brought to full flavor either by the action of mould (actually a penicillin mould) or by the action of bacteria.

Soft Cheese

Poor to cook with –they retain between 45-85 per cent moisture. They include cheese that are unripened, mould ripened, and bacteria ripened like cottage cheese or paneer.