How To Get Rid Of Sexual And Physical Violence Against Women

How to get rid of sexual and physical violence against women

You see, the statement itself makes it sound like it’s all about women. Let’s first stop victim blaming and instead, try to view this from another perspective. How can we stop men from being the perpetrators? This is not a women’s issue alone, but is especially an issue associated with men.

Today, our stereotypical society believes that it is right and justifiable to question the victim’s character first and then target the perpetrator. This needs to change, especially in orthodox families where silencing the victims have been normalized.

There is an awful lot of silence against this ongoing tragedy. Thanks to technological advancement, we can now educate ourselves in the comfort of our homes with information available at the tips of our fingers.

First things first, let us break the stigma and teach our sons by giving them an insight on sensitive topics. The environment in which we are brought up plays a significant role. As parents, you are your child’s first role model. The men in the house must respect the women, which sets a standard that the children have to follow. This forms the basis of one’s character.

How to get rid of sexual and physical violence against women

How lovely would it be if just like our daughters, our sons were also taught to make a cup of tea or perform basic household chores! It starts with the most trivial things.

Schools being our second home must be quick at addressing students on topics like sexism, self-awareness, emotional trauma, sexual harassment, rape and it’s mental effects and so on. Making communication the key, can improve the society to a great extent. Spreading awareness can do more wonders than we know.

Many women become victims to after-marriage rape which mainly occurs because of the low level of importance given to consent. It is high time people acknowledge their partner’s consent and respect their boundaries.

We as women, should develop our personalities and become stronger individuals, emotionally. We must set our boundaries and remain firm which in turn teaches people how we want to be treated.

Let us talk about less spoken topics without hesitating, let us complement each other more often on factors beyond just looks, let’s start thinking of each other as our very own. This can mould an individual’s mind in the most positive way, contributing to healthy thoughts and ideas which would lead to a more developed and a less oblivious society.

How to get rid of sexual and physical violence against women