Should Women Be Paid Less Than Men? If Not, Why Is This Happening Today?

Should Women be paid less than Men? If not, why is this happening today?

What if every woman employee asked their bosses this one question “Are men and women both given equal pay in this organisation?” It makes one wonder what changes this question could bring about.

Angry, frustrated and foolish is what women feel for being paid less. Sexism and discrimination can be so subtle, but sometimes slapped right in the face. Working with the same level of proficiency as men, women are paid less. This is the gender-based wage gap.

Women occupy the less senior jobs like nursing, teaching, caregiving etc. These jobs have lesser pay than that which men hold. The irony is that most college degree bearers are females. It’s not the discrimination that’s holding women back, it’s the gender-based wage gap. Women are not paid equally for the same jobs that men perform and yet, they are also made to work in conditions worse than men. Yet, women’s wages have always lagged far behind than that of men.

Women believe that they should be paid equally and we, as a society know that women can make money just as well as men. Many women hesitate to go for higher positions because they are obligated by societal pressure to stay home.

We have to start changing our stereotypes. Women should not only be seen as homemakers and baby protectors.

None of us have to limit our dreams, we have to empower one another to go far in life. I urge you to push forward. Take up that high authority job. Don’t hold back. The least we, as women can do is to demand our rights. We are denied the right to have a shelter, to buy the best shoes and get anything we know we are capable of getting. Women are taught to remain silent even when we can rightly have a say. Demand for it, rage the wage.

However, today, there is a lot of change with women becoming CEO’s themselves and definitely bringing about a few changes, proving that women, too, are capable of achieving big things. There’s a ray of hope.

Should Women be paid less than Men? If not, why is this happening today?