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Women Empowerment

Empowerment literally means to give power or authority to someone.

Being a woman I am keen on highlighting the importance of (women empowerment) women having the power and getting equal opportunities in every field, irrespective of any discrimination.

Today's women are fearless, mirthful and ambitious, they don't wait for validation. Today's women are free to express and execute decisions. Women are born with power to effortlessly manage and organize everything.

Being a female chef, I would want to put the spotlight on how statistically the food business is male dominated, and there are elements of sexism still present. But times are really changing. There are plenty of female chefs but not necessarily in the public eye.

As women we need to encourage fellow women. Our industry is about making people happy. It's all about creating food that elicits an emotional response from someone you've no other connection to.

The industry can be grueling, yet satisfying. Kitchen is a space where you need to make sure you're ready to work physically, mentally,  and under constant pressure. It is literally intense and sometimes overwhelming. One needs to have thick skin and keep moving when it gets hard.

There are a lot of female chefs who are  now encouraged to come forward. It's a break through! Women are portraying their skill set  and showing their determination to run a kitchen successfully.

As a woman, I personally feel we stand out in a male dominated space. It's an awesome and exciting space to work.

For me, "Food is love, and I'm proud to be connected with it. The kitchen is my happy space and I love spending time working and exploring, or teaching and creating new things."

Here is my message to all the women - culinary is all about emotions, creativity, dedication, appreciation and passion!

Women Empowerment

As a woman Chef, I personally desire to see more women fulfil their dreams and persevere through the stereotypes we've had around us in the culinary world.

Michelle Arcelina Paes.