When A Girl Is Educated, Progress Is Made!

When a girl is educated




Education Is The Key To Women’s Empowerment:

Education is the most effective way to spread the message of women empowerment. Education not only edifies a woman, but also helps her understand that she is a vital part of the society.

For a long time, most women especially in rural areas were being denied the right to education and have been subjected to undignified practices and responsibilities. Education empowers girls to attain more in society, career, economic and family lives.

When a girl is educated

Education is a milestone of women empowerment because it enables them to respond to challenges, to confront their traditional role and change their life.

Means To Emancipation:

Education enlightens a woman and enables her to take decisions and accept responsibilities at her home and in the external world. It helps a woman to appreciate her right of equal treatment in society.

Elimination Of Social Evils:

Education is crucial for realizing the distinction between right and wrong. Educated Women can disregard illogical social edicts and live life on their own terms. Educated women can contribute in the fight against dowry, sexual harassment, objectification etc.

Financial Liberty:

Education plays a critical role in Women’s Economic Empowerment. There is no profession left where women have not made their mark. An Educated women depends on no one. She is very much adept in earning and taking care of herself.

Education can also help women to empower themselves through the knowledge of science and technology to face the challenges of today’s technological age.

When a girl is educated